CancerCon is the premier oncology conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement. The largest gathering of its kind, CancerCon brings together hundreds of survivors, caregivers and advocates to connect, get educated, build community and unite to drive the change we wish to see.
"CancerCon gave the me energy that I didn't know I had within me. I'd never felt better being surrounded by others just like me. It is a community I wish I would have found sooner but am so glad I am now a part of." – Allison

"A life-changing experience like no other." – Jim

"I had the most amazing and humbling experience of my life. I never could have anticipated what it felt like to finally have a community." – Claire
"CancerCon allowed me to get the real me back." – Amy

"There is no single event anywhere on the planet that is better for obtaining valuable information, meeting amazing people, having fun and replenishing the soul." – Scott

"Through CancerCon, I have found my true family." – Melissa
"Four years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer, I wasn't sure I was going to make it to see 30. Well, it's finally here and I am ecstatic to be celebrating at CancerCon among my fellow cancer warriors. What an amazing, inspirational way to start a new decade of living." – Aerial

"There are no words. There is nothing like it. Just go." – Sarita

"My life, mind, and soul have all been changed forever." – Krysten
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